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No matter how far you travel, your relationship with DU remains a source of community, connection and growth. 获取校友组织、活动、职业和专业发展等方面的信息.

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DU alumni live in every U.S. 州和145个国家,所以无论你在哪里,你都在先锋同伴的身边.

Alumni Website

Keep up with happenings around campus and learn about your fellow Pioneers.

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Alumni News

Native American food from restaurant Tocabe.
Cuisine & Community

校友本·雅各布斯和马特·琼斯正在努力通过培养社区来解决供应印第安人食物的餐馆严重缺乏的问题, understanding and cultural exchange through their restaurant Tocabe.

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University of Denver alumnus Mohammad Javad Zarif
DU Alum Honored

yzcca88游戏登录网址校友、伊朗外交部长穆罕默德·贾瓦德·扎里夫(Mohammad Javad Zarif)获得查塔姆研究所奖,以表彰他通过帮助限制伊朗的核能力,在促进国际和平方面所发挥的作用.

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Career & Professional Development

Alumni Career & Professional Development 致力于帮助我们的毕业生在职业生涯的各个阶段取得成功. By providing resources, training and opportunities to connect with fellow alumni, 我们确保DU社区能够在个人和专业方面蓬勃发展,以改善他们周围的世界.

  • Pioneer Careers

    先锋职业(Pioneer Careers)是杜克大学的独家招聘数据库,校友可以在这里招聘先锋同事,并搜索米高梅等公司的职位空缺, Arrow Electronics and Toyota.

    Pioneers Careers ( can be accessed using your Pioneer ID. 你可以通过电子邮件向校友关系办公室索取你的DU ID号码 or calling us at 303-871-2701.

  • Professional development

    我们为校友提供各种专业发展机会, including professional help with your resume, cover letter and interview tactics. In addition, 我们举办研讨会,就个人品牌和薪资谈判等主题提供见解. 我们还通过DU女性职业联盟系列举办专门针对女性的职业活动.

    Professional Development

  • DU Job Board

    Interested in pursuing a job at your alma mater? You can check the DU Job Board for open positions at the University.

    DU Job Board

  • Social media & networking

    Alumnifire is DU's grassroots alumni networking community, 先锋们可以在哪里找到和分享职业信息,并与他们领域的其他人建立联系. We also maintain an active alumni presence on platforms. Connect with our social accounts to learn about social events, watch parties, professional development opportunities and philanthropic news.

  • Online training & professional development

    如果你不能亲自参加我们的职业发展活动, 你仍然可以利用由国家认可的职业专家教授的130多个网络研讨会.

    Online training & professional development

Alumni Benefits

除了一系列的专业发展和社会关系的机会, our alumni have access to a number of other benefits. Discounts and benefits available to alumni include:

  • Discounted tickets to Newman Center performances and DU athletic events
  • Reduced price membership at the Coors Fitness Center
  • 特别优惠和折扣的40多家企业在杜附近通过 DU Zone card
  • 10 percent off purchases through the DU bookstore
  • Preferred partner pricing from Schomp Automotive
  • Borrowing and lending services from our libraries
  • Competitive rates on facilities rentals

Alumni Resources

Volunteer Opportunities


  • 我们的AmplifyDU新闻更新将直接向您的收件箱提供志愿者机会.
  • 先锋连接连接了成千上万的校友,并培养了一种社区类型,可以联合起来有所作为.
  • 你可以通过我们的校友发现计划报名参加面试,并将你的知识传授给下一代毕业生.

Want to get involved? Join us for Global Day of Service during Alumni Weekend. In addition, 我们为感兴趣的校友提供机会,让他们随时了解参与职业指导的机会, event organization, community projects and a variety of other volunteer initiatives.


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